Learnings from DDIP- Digital Deepak Internship Program

DDIP- Digital Deepak Internship Program is a very unique concept in itself.

Mr. Deepak Kanakraju of DigitalDeepak.com has introduced this program to help the people aspiring to learn digital marketing practically. Its a sixteen week program including four weeks bonus program.

He conducts the live sessions on the subject , gives the assignments on that topic. There is explanatory session and Q &A session to help the students to finish the assignment. The best part is that , the assignment system really forces the students to come out of their comfort zone and implement the things.

The program has following topics :

  1. Success Mindset
  2. Marketing fundamentals
  3. Niche, Audience & Keyword Research
  4. Creating your blog
  5. Content writing & video making
  6. Social media marketing
  7. Lead generation
  8. SEO
  9. Facebook ads
  10. Google ads
  11. Marketing automation
  12. Sales & copywriting

Bonus section

  1. Getting you dream job interview
  2. Freelancing & Agency
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Digital Mentorship

from the last few months Deepak Sir has been offering this program for free. If you want to learn digital marketing free or want digital marketing internship, then please visit his site or  apply at – https://deepak.me/internapply

He also offers a free certificate course in Digital Marketing. Visit his site for more details.

My learnings from DDIP :

So far I have completed the 10 topics of the DDIP program and practically implemented the website creation & blog posting (writing this blog on my website!), run google & facebook ads, social media presence.

I am not the only one who is so happy for this DDIP program, everybody enrolled in the program must be having same feelings. Want to cross check ? Just have a look at the blog here written by my fellow intern – Monika  about this program of  free digital marketing internship program !

Giving below few beautifully written and informative articles of  my fellow interns :

A) Reviews on phones & accessories, Software for Video Making & Online services.


In his review on Doodle Maker,  the blogger Mr. Mohit Gupta covers the following topics :

  1. Doodle maker review : how it is different from other doodle software.
  2. what is Doodle maker?
  3. Overall features of Doodle maker.
  4. Link to get Doodle maker app.
  5. Who is it for?
  6. Pricing,  plans & features.

If you are interested in this product, do visit this article here :

Review of Doodlemaker

Don’t forget to leave your comments on the blog of Mohit!

Another article that is worth reading is about learning & imbibing the new habits , written by Mr. Priyanshu Kaushal. Giving below the link & brief overview of this article.

B) Be Conscious, don’t live life on autopilot.

The blogger mentions that 95% of our decisions are taken by our unconscious brain & this last minute decision making may lead to regret for the opportunity lost. The blogger mentions that you have to understand about the consciousness. He further explains –

      1. History of autopilot
      2. Why is automaticity important?
      3. How being on autopilot is ruining your life…
      4. How to get what you want.

Having explained the above things the blogger mentions how to imbibe new habits so that you can get what you want in your life. He explained this with a 4 step process in his video. He says that “Knowledge is potential power. It becomes power only and if, you make use of it”. Whenever we try to do something new we all face resistance, because our mind is programmed to be safe and not to explore much, as we might attract natural danger. He asks What would change/happen in your life if the fear is gone?. So he asks to stop the procrastination & take steps to change your life permanently.

Read here Be conscious – Don’t live the life on autopilot this beautiful blog of Priyanshu –

A must read article to unlock your true potential & achieve personal mastery.

C) Digital Marketing – Why I choose or want to a Digital Marketer? A journey of me learning the fundamentals of marketing.

Here the blogger Ms. Kowsalya has shared her experience to come across the digital marketing field and her journey of learning the fundamentals of marketing.

She has mentioned the meaning of marketing, the difference between the traditional & digital marketing, niche selection guide, the marketing funnel known as CATT ie Content, Attention, Trust & Transact. She also explains the integrated marketing & importance of personal branding.

A good article to get the insights into the fundamentals of marketing and digital marketing.

D) How Digital Marketing is useful for small business in India:

In this blog the writer mentions the fact that almost 75% of the consumers shop online at least once a month. Apart from this , the festive season gives a huge boost in online shopping. So this huge consumer reach & business opportunity can be tapped by small businesses and retailers if they go in for digital marketing.

Besides this the Government of India’s ambitious plan of Digital India, offers various real-time online services also encourages citizens of India to go online for other than government services.

The writer mentions that during this pandemic situation the traditional marketing eg door to door marketing is not possible. Facebook & google advertisement is cost effective , target oriented and impactful. To get the advantage of all these things, small businesses & retailers can take help of digital marketing.

The writer mentions that , in short Digital Marketing is going to play a big role in the success of small and retails business. From connecting with potential customers, brand building, lead generations and conversion.

Click here to read the full article.

E) What is art? How to choose your art career?

In this article the blogger, Ms. Shravani Shetty shares the history of art & various types of art forms. She gives information about some interesting things like Doodle Art, Paper Quilling, Finger painting.

She mentions about the unique and famous painting forms in India ie Madhubani painting, Tanjore painting & Warli painting.

She concludes that art is not just a thought process of some others idea, it is a imagination and creativity of humans.

Before you decide what to learn you have to think which art form will help you enhance your creativity. And it is completely fine if you are a beginner, we are here to help you choose your art career.

Click this to read her blog.

F) Best 9 ERP for eCommerce business.

In his blog, Nishant Kumar states the importance of ERP for online businesses. ERP solutions or Enterprise resource planning are the types of software that are availed by the organizations for managing their regular business activities. He also mentions 9 best ERP  tools.

  1. Odoo
  2. Brightpearl
  3. Microsoft
  4. Oracle netsuit
  5. ECI software solutions
  6. Sage
  7. Aquilon software
  8. Magneto
  9. osCommerce

The blogger gives the suitability & benefits of each of these tools.

Refer his blog here to know more about ERP for ecommerce business.

The blogger feels that for handling the eCommerce and other online businesses more strategically and organizing them , accuracy has a vital role to play. Keeping track of the finance, accounting, risk management, data management is much crucial to arrange everything in the matter of manufacturing and to distribute involved businesses.

Therefore to survive in the cut throat competitive market online business owners  should think of having ERP for their ecommerce business.

G) Packaging and printing inks – COVID Impact

The current COVID-19 pandemic situation has impacted the packaging industry. A rise in online shopping has increased the need of eco-friendly flexible packaging.  The demand for flexible packaging and printing ink has seen a growth. Ms. Preeti Agarwal has written a blog about the                   Packaging and printing ink – COVID-19 Impact. Do read her blog to more about this industry specific information.






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